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Scent Detection private lesson
Interested in a 1-3 day seminar? Email webmaster@huntersheart.com for availability and pricing.
Scent Puzzle Club - Scent Theory for K9 Scent Detection
Scent Puzzles Club - Scent Theory for Canine Scent Detection Training
Introductory sale price in $CAD - Save $50
Scent Dog Train a solid indication
Show Me Online Course - Train a Rock Solid Indication for Nosework using Containers
Includes 6 months of custom video coaching, answers to your questions and trouble shooting for your unique dog
Price in $CAD
How to Make Rubber Skins for Contact Equipment Seminar
How to Make Rubber Skins for Contact Equipment Seminar
Learn how to make your own safe & durable rubber contacts at AAC Nationals 2013, in Edmonton