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Bed Bug Inspection
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Bed Bug Inspection (in Calgary)
Canine bed bug inspections are the most cost-effective method for rapidly, cheaply and safely inspecting large areas. While bed bugs are visible to the human eye, scent detection dogs use their noses to search large areas far more quickly. Their incredible noses can detect the breath of just one live bug or one egg, that might otherwise be missed. The scent travels through the air and sniffer dogs can detect it from several feet away, whether high up on bookshelves, buried inside mattress covers, or hidden in a 1 mm crack.

  • Hunter's Heart offers 3 types of bed bug inspections:
  • 1. DIAGNOSTIC Inspections help answer the question “Do I have bed bugs?” Bed bug inspections are recommended when:
  • a. You, a family member or friend has been exposed to bed bugs, such as bites
  • b. You recently acquired a used mattress or sofa, or
  • c. You recently returned for a vacation or hotel stay.
  • Knowing if you have bed bugs or not will help you to make good decisions about what to do next.
  • 2. POST TREATMENT Inspections help answer the question “Did treatment (e.g. fumigation or heat treatment) successfully remove the bugs?” If treatment missed a live bug or egg, they can multiply into a new infestation. Post-treatment bed bug inspections should occur 3+ weeks after treatment, so products have time to do their job.
  • 3. PREVENTATIVE Inspections can find a few bed bugs at the earliest stages, before they multiply into a massive infestation that is more expensive and challenging to treat.
  • After a sniffer dog alerts on any areas of concern, we’ll follow up with a detailed, visual inspection to show you the bugs. We’ll show you any evidence we find, including live bugs, shed skins, eggs and/or fecal spotting. You can take photos and decide if you want to share this evidence with your pest control technician, your landlord, or nobody at all. Alternately, we can safely dispose of it for you.
  • Contact Carla to schedule your canine bed bug inspection, at webmaster@huntersheart.com (preferred) or phone (403) 813-9831. MINIMUM SERVICE CALL is $100 for 1 hour, within Calgary city limits, for a residential dwelling up to 1200 square feet.
  • When paying online, please select shipping method = in store pickup, so you are not charged for shipping. Pay to reserve appointment time here, or pay by etransfer to webmaster@huntersheart.com, password = Calgary.
  • Please note we only detect bed bugs; we don’t provide pest control services, or products to remove bed bugs. This guarantees that we have no conflict of interest. For removing bed bugs, you can contact Martin’s Pest Control at https://www.martinspestcontrol.com/. They can make recommendations on how to get rid of your bed bugs, once and for all.
  • For detailed travel tips to prevent and limit bed bugs, and steps to take if you know you’ve been exposed, visit the free Bedbugger.com forums at: http://www.bedbugger.com.