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Scent Detection Foundation - Online Dog Training Course
Learn how to motivate your dog to love searching for odor of your choice for scent detection. Build engagement and focus using fun games. We'll set you up for success.
Scent Dog Train a solid indication
Show Me Online Course - Train a Rock Solid Indication for Nosework using Containers
Includes 6 months of custom video coaching, answers to your questions and trouble shooting for your unique dog
Price in $CAD
Scent Detection private lesson
Interested in a 1-3 day seminar? Email webmaster@huntersheart.com for availability and pricing.
Private Obedience Lesson x 1 hour
Private Obedience Lesson x 1 hour

How to Make Rubber Skins for Contact Equipment Seminar
How to Make Rubber Skins for Contact Equipment Seminar
Learn how to make your own safe & durable rubber contacts at AAC Nationals 2013, in Edmonton