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2x2   2 x 2 Weave Pole Set
4w1   4 Way 1 inch PVC Connector
5w1   5 Way 1 inch PVC Connector
ell1   90 degree ell 1 inch PVC Connector
af   Aframe, custom CKC rectangular
anise   Anise, Pimpinella Anisum 100% Premium essential oil
bbi   Bed Bug Inspection
birch   Birch, Betula Lenta 100% Premium essential oil
fbt   Black Tube for Nose Work Hides, 10 pack
cw12   Channel Weave, Bases for 12 weave poles
cw6   Channel Weave, Bases for 6 weave poles
clove   Clove, Eugenia Caryophylatta 100% Premium essential oil
ckc6   Cocktail of CKC Scent Detection Scents x 6
bcaw2   Cocktailed Birch/Anise/Clove/Wintergreen
cfh   Comfortflex Sport Harness
cyp   Cypress, 100% Cupressus sempervirens
dco   deanas custom order
rkteet   Do It Yourself Rubber Kit for 12" Teeter/Seesaw
rkd   Do It Yourself Rubber Kit for Dogwalk
rka   Do It Yourself Rubber Kit for Rectangular Aframe
rktab   Do It Yourself Rubber Kit for Table
dog   dog purchase payment
ec1   End Cap 1 inch PVC Connector
ffbjc   Flexible Flat Back Single Jump Cups
rs   How to Make Rubber Skins Seminar
jbp   Jump Bar
jcsil   Jump cups, LARGE singles 10 pack, white traditional
jcsis   Jump cups, Small singles 10 pack
order-13123   Lisa's order 13123
mct10   Micro Centrifuge Tube without Lid (Pack of 10)
myrrh   Myrrh, Commiphora Myrrha 100% Premium essential oil
jspn   Pedestal style jump base
pine   Pine, Pinus sylvestris 100% Premium Essential Oil
PAW   Play agility weaves
ptm   Play Tunnel, Multicolor
kc15   Private Consultation at Kayenna Kennels x 1.5 hours
obp1   Private Obedience Lesson x 1 hour
sdp1   Private Scent Detection Lesson x 1 hour
pupd   Puppy deposit
pupo   Puppy Purchase
pupf   Puppy purchase final payment
qhp   Quakehold Putty
brj   Ready Jump Bag
rkws   Rubber Kit for Set of Contacts with Rectangular Aframe
rr5   Rubber Repair Kit for Contact Equipment
rsdwh   Rubber Skin for Dog Walk
rstabh   Rubber Skin for Table
rsth   Rubber Skin for Teeter
nb   Scent Detection Boxes for Nose Work
sdf   Scent Detection Foundation - Online Dog Training Course
nku   Scent Detection Kit for Nosework
sjcs   Sliding Jump Cup Strips
tn   Sliding top metal tin for nose work hides
pe   Sticky envelopes for nose work hides
tcr   Table CKC unpainted aluminum with rubber surface
t6sr   Teaching 6 Scent Detection Classes at Sleep Rover
thym   Thyme, Thymus vulgaris thymol
tdaps   Toy Dog Agility Play Set
uapa   unpainted aluminum pin for Aframe
vetiv   Vetiver, Vetiveria Zizanoides 100% Premium essential oil
wc12   Weave Bases Set of 12, Competition Grade
wc6   Weave Bases Set of 6, Competition Grade
wbs   Weave pole screw in the ground 12 BASES only
wppw6   weave poles, set of 6 plain white PVC poles, no caps
wc   Wing Clip 4 Pack
wint   Wintergreen, 100% Gaultheria procumbens

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